What To Expect

Sunday Morning Worship  Services


We'll grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a few minutes to catch up then prepare ourselves for worship.


Our worship will encompass music, scripture, prayers, teaching, exhortation, stewardship, and Holy Communion.

Holy Communion

The Lord's table is the centerpiece of our worship and we will always conclude our time together partaking in Holy Communion.

Active Community Groups

Weekly Men's Monday Morning Gathering

At 6am, a group of our men gathers at Eggs Up Grill for a weekly Bible study. This group is a fellowship of Christian men from different denominations with a common goal to grow together in Christ. If you are interested in joining these men, email Pat May at pat@resurrectionrockhill.org.

Monthly Women's Thursday Night Gathering

A group of our women gathers each month on the third Thursday at the home of Andrea Greseth. For more information, email Sherry May at sherry@resurrectionrockhill.org.

Bi-Weekly Men's Thursday Night Gathering

Twice a month on Thursday evenings, a group of men meet for Bible study and fellowship. If you're interested in this group, please email Doyle Roach at droach@carmelcontractors.com.



We invite you to gather together with us for a casual yet meaningful time together where we'll fellowship and dive into God's Word together to seek a deeper understanding of our faith and often share a meal.

Bring the kids!

RezKids are a vital part of our church's Sunday morning activity! After worshiping with their families during the beginning of our service, they are dismissed to Children's Church where they learn age-appropriate foundational lessons of the Christian faith while making related crafts and occasionally enjoying a fun snack! They rejoin the congregation after their lesson in time to observe Holy Communion with their family.

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