Our Story

Pat & Sherry May

Who are we?

Church of the Resurrection – Rock Hill is a brand new Anglican church plant! Born in the hearts of Pat and Sherry May in 2016 and many others decades before that, God has drawn together an eager bunch to introduce┬áRock Hill to an ancient-future worship with a church body who loves our beautiful city.




Why Rock Hill?

Often, when we ask the question, “Why Rock Hill?” – we are getting to the heart of “PLACE.” “Place,” is important and abundantly significant because God has brought His kingdom to the world through the sent Son — Jesus, the One who was crucified for our sins and resurrected from the dead. When Jesus rose from the dead, His message was and still is, clear: Go and make disciples of all the nations. Rock Hill is a growing place — indeed, one of the fastest growing cities in South Carolina and in fact, York County, the county that Rock Hill is nestled in, is one of the fastest growing areas in the whole country. We exist to be “sent” and to proclaim in word and deed “the good, the true, and the beautiful” of all of God’s Story climaxed in the Messiah, Jesus, and our heart is to do that here in Rock Hill.




What is Anglicanism?

Anglicanism is a tradition within Christianity comprising the Church of England and churches which are historically tied to it or hold similar beliefs, worship practices, and church structures.

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