Who are we?

Church of the Resurrection - Rock Hill is a brand new Anglican church plant! Born in the hearts of Pat and Sherry May in 2016 and many others decades before that, God has drawn together an eager bunch to introduce Rock Hill to an ancient-future worship with a church body who loves our beautiful city.

Why Rock Hill?

God brought Sherry to Rock Hill on her eighth birthday when her parents relocated here to escape the snow of Maine. Years later, God brought Pat to Rock Hill as he served the US Navy as a recruiter. 14 years after Pat and Sherry left Rock Hill for seminary and pastoring and more, God brought Pat and Sherry back home to Rock Hill. Rock Hill has always been home for the May family, even when it wasn't where they lived.

What is Anglican?

Anglicanism is a tradition within Christianity comprising the Church of England and churches which are historically tied to it or hold similar beliefs, worship practices and church structures.

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A church called to Rock Hill

Many people have asked us over the last couple years why we have moved back to Rock Hill. The answer for us is simple: because Rock Hill has always been home for our family. When God made it clear that we should return in 2015, we were stunned and confused; but we obeyed. Fast forward to 2017 and we are bubbling with excitement to obey once again what God has made clear for our journey serving Him. We will pursue gathering a fellowship of believers who seek to serve Christ, enjoying an ancient-future approach to worship, rich liturgy, genuine and meaningful community with each other, and intentional, missional ministry to the City of Rock Hill.


Where are we in this?

The fun has just begun! Church planting is supposed to feel natural, thrive on relationships, and stay focused on God and His plan for us here. But sometimes, the process can feel too slow or too fast, overwhelming or underwhelming, or downright discouraging as Satan tries to thwart our efforts to serve Christ through this calling. We'd love to know you're praying for us!